Vacation like decor for your yard, patio or balcony

Who said you can’t enjoy a relaxing and tranquil week-end at home? If you have a courtyard, a small patio or even a nice sized balcony, you can decorate them to be cosy and away from the eyes of the curios and the noisy neighbors. All you need to do is find some outdoor furniture, cut the grass and if you want, plant some flowers. All this should come at an affordable price.

When it comes to furniture for the outdoor space near your home you can find some comfortable and relaxing items on the market. Their range of garden sofas is varied and you can easily choose the one to best fit your space.  Be it a round sofa, a corner sofa, a chaise long or an exterior set of furnishings, you can find them all as outdoor furniture.

Many of us dream of exotic vacations where we can lie down with a cocktail in our hands and enjoy the cosiness of a conservatory chair. But, if you come to think about it, you can create such a space at home. All you need is inspiration, imagination and some time off to create such a unique and relaxing area. Take a look at the ideas below, they will blow your mind and make you wonder “Why haven’t I thought of that? “.

Just by looking at these pictures you can almost feel like you are on holiday. And as you can see, no mater how large or small your outdoor space is you can transform it to look fantastic and make you feel amazing while spending time there. And inspiration doesn’t stop here, not to mention imagination. When it comes to creating the design of any space, make the most use of your own imagination as you have your own personality and can imprint the style with uniqueness.

Think about the most comfortable lounge chair or sofa you have ever sat in, what was it like? Can you place something resembling in your outdoor space, be it balcony, patio or garden? If not, how can you adapt the place? You can place there a round sofa, or some outdoor chairs with a coffee table or a garden set with chaise longs, sofa and a dining table.

How about colours? Do you like some blue to remind you of the see? Or maybe yellow as the sun and the sand. Some of us prefer green, like the fluffy forests leaves. If you have a balcony, you can make the flooring out of pebbles or tiles in an exotic nuance. For a garden or a patio you can opt for a wooden deck or soft grass to tickle your toes.

Just let your memories run wild, think of the most relaxing outdoor experience and try to recall how was that space designed. With a bit of imagination you can bring that vibe to your home, in the outdoor area. It truly doesn’t matter the available space, all that matters is that you get creative and bring some holiday aura to it.